Company History

The Khorsheed Family business was established in 1947, and the main core of business was in trading commodities. Today, the Company is well diversified and successfully guided by its Chairman & Managing Director Mohammad A. A. Khorsheed. It is involved in various sectors from Real Estate, Construction to wholesale Catering and Oil Trading. GOC is a separate division of The Khorsheed Group with 500 employees and it has made great strides recently in marketing Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Waste Management, Environment Management and Oil Transportation.

Throughout the years, we have gained invaluable insights and expertise in fulfilling the needs of our customers, most of the time, exceeding their expectations.

We have forged beneficial alliances and partnerships worldwide with top notch first class companies who share our values and beliefs in delivering more-than-excellent services to our mutual customers around the world. And, of course, we're continuously improving and learning from each other's experiences striving to stay up-to-date in the constantly changing world of oil producing technology, environmental laws, and the oil supply, pricing and distribution business around the world.

These alliances and partnerships are naturally meant to complement each other's products and services through expertise provided by a combined team of over 50 professionals from highly experienced administrators to geologists, geo-physicists, petroleum engineers and chemical engineers - who handle day-to-day technical matters for the whole group.

Customers can also benefit from their worldwide expertise providing a full range of environmental consulting, engineering and remediation services in the area of waste management, installation and operation of treatment systems required in the Oil and Gas Industry to clean oily waste generated as a by-product of their operations such as operation fuel oils, diesel oils, produced water, crude oil refining and transport slops and sledges.

GOC Expanded Oil Services

Due to the continually increasing demand of oil supply and oil by-products by companies and countries around the world, the Company has recently expanded its oil support services to include supply vessels, pipeline, equipment and spare parts for oil drilling machinery, as well as providing oil spill response systems and environmental safety training programs.

However, despite our successes, we have not become complacent, we are certainly looking forward to increasing both our knowledge base and expanding our capabilities further to meet the increased demands of our customers around the world. We invite and welcome all enquiries.