Our success as individuals and as a company depends on our attitude toward our work and each other.

To achieve our vision, mission and values, all employees are expected to:

  • Embrace Change
  • Act with Honesty & Integrity
  • Support Diversity
  • Think & Act Quickly
  • Take Appropriate Risks
  • Deliver Creative Customer Solutions
  • Be a Team Player, Work Toward a Shared Purpose
  • Be Adaptable, Flexible & Tenacious
  • Continue to Develop our Strategic Competencies
  • Deliver Results
  • Be Safe in Everything We Do


GOC is positioned to build long-term, mutually beneficial, cooperative relationships by providing a solid knowledge of the industry, unparalleled technology and a foundation of customer service. With service as the base, technology as the tool and the teamwork of GOC's professionals as the driving force.

Dedicated to Our ClientsGlobal oil center will Exceed all its clients Needs