Magnetic treatmentof water prevents mineral build-up

Welcome to the world of physical water treatment… For over 45 years, the Superior® magnetic water conditioner has applied the science of physics, rather than chemistry, to control lime scale deposits, corrosion, and other harmful effects of hard water in boilers, cooling towers, food service equipment, irrigation systems and over 400 other applications in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. Since Superior's chemical free water treatment process doesn't add or remove anything, purity is maintained; unlike salt using water softeners, which exchange sodium for calcium and magnesium in hard water.

However, despite our successes, we have not become complacent, we are certainly looking forward to increasing both our knowledge base and expanding our capabilities further to meet the increased demands of our customers around the world. We invite and welcome all enquiries.

Over 400,000 successful installations of Superior Water Conditioners® around the world have eliminated the disposal of trillions of gallons of chemically contaminated water to the environment. This non chemical permanent magnetic water treatment technology is perfect for green building projects, as it meets or exceeds government regulations and literally prevents pollution, offers sustainability, and can contribute to LEED credits. Other benefits include treatment cost reduction, health risk elimination, energy savings, and water conservation, to name a few.

The effectiveness of magnetic water treatment in preventing or retarding scale build-up is strongly affected by the chemical properties of the water, strength and configuration of the magnetic field, thermodynamic properties of the water and fluid flow characteristics.


Test sites around the world have shown proven results. On over 400 different types of applications, the outcome was the same... effective water treatment without harming the environment. Superior's cost effective water conditioner controls scale and corrosion in water-using vessels equal to or better than any present system.

The Superior Water Conditioner® has been utilized since 1964 to control lime/scale and corrosion without chemicals in boilers, cooling towers, food service equipment and many other commercial and industrial applications throughout the world.


  • On-going research and development
  • Engineering for unique and custom tailored installations
  • Solid waste treatment
  • Over 400,000 successful installations
  • On-site installation and start-up available

Superior Water Conditioner Magnetic Treatment of Water

The Superior Water Conditioner's® patented system, when installed in a water supply line, controls the formation of scale and corrosion deposits without the use of chemicals.


Water subjected to change of temperature, pressure, and turbulence results in calcium and magnesium carbonates that deposit on heat transfer surfaces of water systems in the form of lime/scale. At the molecular level, the negatively and positively charged ions of these minerals bond tightly together forming calcite. These deposits act as an insulator and require more energy to heat or cool water.

As water passes through the Superior Water Conditioner's® treatment chamber, it is subjected to a series of reversing-polarity, permanent magnetic fields, which interrupts the natural scale forming by temporarily altering their ionic charge identity. The molecules are caused to act like ions of similar charges and repel one another. This leaves the molecules in a physical state of suspension known as aragonite (an amorphous mud-like or powdery form), which will flow through the system or drop to a low area within equipment so that it can easily be blown down or bled off.